Faribault Harley-Davidson® DynoJet®


Faribault Harley-Davidson® boasts a full dyno tuning & performance shop. Our Dynojet® facilities have all of the newest updates, keeping us on the cutting edge of performance tuning. No matter what fuel delivery system you have, we can help you get the most from your motor.

Fuel injected motorcycles have a variety of different tuning systems available. Our tuning center can work with most of them, and let you know all the facts to make the best choice for you and your cycle. From Screamin' Eagle® to all the other aftermarket systems, we can answer your questions. Through on-going training, our dyno operator stays at the forefront of dyno tuning techniques and technologies to keep us on top!

We've got what everything we need to make your motor run to it's FULL POTENTIAL!