Faribault H-D, Chippewa Falls H-D, and Viking Land H-D team up with Brian Nelson from Nelson Tours at least once each year to give our customers a chance to experience once-in-a-lifetime Motorcycle Tour of breath-taking places around our beautiful country. What's great about a tour? EVERYTHING! Tours are fantastic for riders who don't want to stress over planning a route: roads/meals/accomodations.... it's all done for us! With most of our tours, our Motorcycles get shipped to the location prior to our arrival by air! We hop on a plane and land at our destination, where our motorcycles are waiting for us!  We love the stress-free nature of Brian's Tours, where we get to relax, ride, and enjoy the scenes around us with friends!   Visit NelsonTours.com for more information, or call the store at 507-334-5130.

August 20-26 2023- Cascade Mountains Tour, Washington



September 23-29 2023- Grand Junction, Colorado